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by Goodbaby International

Goodbaby International’s brand portfolio includes many renowned brands, locally and internationally. Furthermore we have established long-term strategic partnerships with other key international juvenile product brands.

The Group's own brands

"CYBEX", founded in Germany in 2004, is one of the world’s most desirable authentic premium lifestyle and safety Brands for parents. In recent years, it has been one of the fastest growing brands in the global juvenile industry.

"gb" provides love and care with quality and innovation by combining R&D and design. gb covers a wide range of categories: traveling, home, babycare, apparels, etc.

"Evenflo" is a household name in the USA with nearly 100 years of history. Its products can be found in millions of homes across North America.

"RollPlay" produces some of the most realistic electronic toy ride-on vehicles for children.

"CBX" is a high-tech brand, where functional design is equipped with smart features for a modern line of essential baby gear that suit your life and fit your budget.

"ExerSaucer" is a safe and stimulating toy that supports children during their key learning and development phase through play.

"Urbini" is a popular brand in North America with good value for money.

“hd” is a well-known durable baby products brand trusted by Chinese parents. hd covers categories of strollers, cribs, bicycles, electric toy cars and tricycles. It commits to providing value-for-money quality products for parents.

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